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Q. What is the first step in order to be admitted to a Chrysalis House treatment program?

A. If you or a loved one is in need of treatment, please call Rey Cox, admissions Coordinator at 443-534-1670. He will guide you through the admission process.


Q. Does Chrysalis House offer detox services?

A. We do not offer detox services. A new client must be 5 days sober prior to admission.

Q. What level of care do you provide?

A. Crownsville – 1, 2.0 and 3.3; Chrysalis House Healthy Start (Baltimore) - Community Housing

Q. May a client bring her children?

A. Yes, clients may bring up to two children under age 10 at the time of admission. We provide child care Monday-Friday so that women can participate in treatment. 

Q. How much will treatment cost?

A. Most of our clients' costs are fully covered through government insurance. We do not currently accept private insurance.


Q. How long will a woman be in treatment?

A. Length of stay will be determined by a client's participation in our programs and by her individual treatment plan.


Q. What should a new client bring with her on the day of admission?

A. 30 days of medication, a Photo ID, and insurance card for herself (and her child).


Q. May clients have visitors?

A. Yes, we encourage the involvement of family and friends in a client's treatment. Visitors must be approved in advance by the clinical staff and are required to attend family education. There may be additional guidelines, which can be found in the Resident Manual.


Q. What is a typical day like?

A. Our program has a daily routine, including group meetings, individual counseling, and other therapeutic activities. We serve three meals every day to residential clients and their children. 


Q. Do you offer an aftercare program?

A. Yes

Q. Is there a limit to the personal belongings in the facility?

A. Yes. Due to a limited amount of space and health concerns, there is a limit to the amount of personal items brought into the facility. A list of items is found in our Residential manual.


Q. May clients smoke cigarettes while in treatment?

A. While our buildings are smoke-free, there are scheduled smoke breaks throughout the day in designated outdoor areas. 

Q. May clients receive packages in the facility?

A. Clients may receive packages while in our residential program. These are distributed on weekends. 

"CHHS changed my life in many ways. Chrysalis House to me is where I found my sisters, my friends. It is where I found myself. They didn't teach me to get clean I learned a new life there. I learned the social skills that I didn't have without drugs and alcohol. The program also taught me how to accept responsibility for my actions. Every action has a reaction.


While I was there I never really realized the opportunity that I was given, but now I realize how blessed I am to have had that opportunity to be a part of something as great as CHHS. I will never forget my time there. I cherish it dearly now."


-Brittaney C.

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